Note: All images are taken at the conserts in question

Teddybears (SWE)            Bergen, Garage

Clawfinger (SWE)             Bergen, Garage

My first concert was an under-age event, but still kinda terrifying and fun!

Björk (ISL)                 Oslo, KalvøyaFestivalen

Somebody put a stop to this indie manure!

Bad religion (US)        Oslo, KalvøyaFestivalen

Sepultura (BRA)          Oslo, KalvøyaFestivalen

One of the last shows featuring Max, before the split later that year. Sepultura had just released ‘Roots’, and was lauded in the mainstream press as the saviours of modern metal.


Clown (NOR)      Bergen, Eggstock Festivalen, Maxime

Clown (NOR)      Bergen, Jernrock Festivalen

Two local festivals, at the peak of early Nü Metal. A few other bands performing, like Legacy, are now defunct. Clown still exist – but haven’t released more than an EP in the eleven years that have passed!

Beastie Boys (US)                Denmark, Roskilde Festival

Wholly unintriguing, and a disinterested crowd.


Black Sabbath (UK)             Denmark, Roskilde Festival

The legends finally united with Ozzy for a reunion tour. Unluckily, the concert never made me loose my calm.


Dimmu Borgir (NOR)          Denmark, Roskilde Festival

I was already a huge fan of Dimmu Borgir back then. But torturing a hungover crowd at one o’clock in the afternoon is never the best starting point. Still, despite the deafening volume, a great effort.


Moonspell (POR)                 Denmark, Roskilde Festival

Drunk germans and portugese metal. At least they played their more upbeat material and thus making the event worthwhile.


Soulfly (BRA/US)                 Denmark, Roskilde Festival

Everyone was excited to see what Max had been up to since leaving Sepultura. Also on stage was Logan Mader, recently ousted from Machine Head. I simply had a good time.


Paradise Lost (UK)               Denmark, Roskilde Festival

One of the really great gigs during the festival. The band had just released their controversial ‘One Second’ – which I loved. A wholly solid performance from the originators of goth metal.


Rammstein (GER)                Denmark, Roskilde Festival

Completely jampacked (this was before barriers became standard), I was able to glimpse the band now and then. I think most of their stronger material had yet to be released.


The Sisters of Mercy (UK)    Denmark, Roskilde Festival

More goth, although of the quite boring kind. A huge following nonetheless.

DJ Sash (NL)            Bergen, Exit 45

This dutch DJ was very popular during the trance years, with hits like ‘Stay’ and ‘La Prima Vera’. The less said about this event, the better.

Return (NOR)          Tromsø, Mack-Kjelleren

A beautiful evening of pure glam mayhem. Popular shockrockers of the eighties crunching out their many hits. Especialy good when brain is soaked in beer.

Amulet (NOR)                  Bergen, USF

The hardcore outfit Amulet never won me over. Thundering beats and repetition wasn’t my cup of ale.

Gluecifer (NOR)               Bergen, USF

The legends of the norwegian rock-scene was at their peak around this time, delivering an explosive performance.

Susperia (NOR)              Bergen, Hole in the Sky Festival, Garage

Manngard (NOR)            Bergen, Hole in the Sky Festival, Garage

Bourbon Flame (NOR)    Bergen, Hole in the Sky Festival, Garage

Local glamrockers pulled off a surprisingly great show, with their talent for massive riffs and choruses. With musicians of Hades Almighty.

Satyricon (NOR)            Bergen, Hulen

My first encounter with the brilliant black metal band. An awesome show at a very humble venue. With ear-wrecking volume as well.

Turbonegro (NOR)           Bergen, Haukelandshallen

Fresh from their mythical comeback, everyone was dying to see the apocalypse dudes in all their glory. It didn’t go too well. They started playing pathetically early, with a crap sound and no booze around. I couldn’t even make out what Hank was saying between songs.

Clown (NOR)                  Bergen, Hulen

This night, Clown ruled. They blew all opposition off stage, only too bad for the bands that were to follow.

El Caco (NOR)               Bergen, Hulen

Yet to release their masterpiece ‘The Search’, coupled with Clown’s supportslot – made me loose interest early on. The highlight was their cover of ‘Ace of Spades’.


Mayor Gordon (NOR)      Bergen, Den Stundesløse

Their take on grunge (notably Soundgarden) seemed hopelessly outdated. Add an ordinary week-day with no alcohol, the result is bound to be wanting.

Amulet (NOR)               Bergen, Kvarteret

Lord knows why I chose to attend another concert with this band. Their brand of hardcore was always uninspired and plain.

Chimaira (US)             Oslo, John Dee

Newcomers Chimaira had picked up a hype with their aggressive metalcore. Their deadpan take on metal was easily the highlight this night.

Spineshank (US)         Oslo, John Dee

Nü metal with a twist of pop-sensibilities worked surprisingly well, paired with their bursts of aggression.

Ill Nino (US)               Oslo, John Dee

Nü metal with a latino twist. Good enough for some sing-alongs. Fortunately, they only had one album to pick from.


Major Parkinson (NOR)        Bergen, Agora

Experimental rock band, influenced by the unpredictability of System of a Down, Mike Patton and Frank Zappa. Watch out for their debut album!

Metallica (US)                      Oslo, Spektrum

My first Metallica-gig was a long time coming. Completely satisfying.


Bourbon Flame (NOR)          Bergen, Hulen

The second time around, they failed to impress me like they did two years earlier.

Clown (NOR)                      Bergen, Hulen

With time surpassing their musical style, the fan-base seemed somewhat waning. They’d still put up a decent show though.

Enslaved (NOR)                  Bergen, Hulen

The premium viking metallers left noone dissappointed. Hail and kill!


Helheim (NOR)                  Bergen, Garage

Flawed by bad sound, the intense black metal got the best of me that evening. Thumbs up for some fine songs of their latest offering; ‘Yersinia Pestis’.


Poze (NOR)                      Bergen, Hulen

Local band, and more nü metal. Haven’t heard of since.

Thulsa Doom (NOR)       Bergen, Hulen

These stoners had grown rapidly in Norway, and was experiencing a certain amount of hype. Too bad they didn’t have many good songs.

Backyard Babies (SWE)   Bergen, Hulen

Spectacular rock n roll frenzy from the swedish kings of sleaze. One of the best I’ve ever been to.

Fortytwo (NOR)             Bergen, Hulen

Sadly, the band is now history. Norway’s single real melodic death metal outfit impressed me the very first time I heard them.

Lowdown (NOR)           Bergen, Hulen

The first real contenders for the national throne of metalcore had just released their debut album. Although the record was something of an overload, it worked out great on stage.


Turbonegro (NOR)     Bergen, NHH

Not satisfied with the performance last year, I went to see the band on a smaller venue. Once again, the band started playing before everbody had gotten inside. But the energy and vitality made this one of the greats.

Clown (NOR)           Bergen, Hulen

Enough is enough already. Even I started seeing the cracks unfold. The band had lost it’s appeal.

Dropkick Murphys (US)        Denmark, Roskilde Festival

Great fun with the bagpipe-wielding celtpunks!


Iggy Pop (US)                       Denmark, Roskilde Festival

I had a good time experiencing Iggy and the Stooges together again. Not riveting, but what can you expect?


Ill Nino (US)                        Denmark, Roskilde Festival

Judging from their latest album ‘Confession’, this band had already committed artistic suicide.


Within Temptation (NL)       Denmark, Roskilde Festival

Not my favourite genre to say the least, but Sharon looked good.


Korn (US)                             Denmark, Roskilde Festival

I had been looking forward to the moment I would finally attend Korn. And thankfully it came about before ‘Head’ left the sinking ship.


Pixies (US)                           Denmark, Roskilde Festival

An eye-opener towards a band I didn’t know too well at the time. I just drank my beers and enjoyed the music.


Meshuggah (SWE)                Denmark, Roskilde Festival

The eccentric mathcore was fascinating live, and you never know where the music’s gonna take you next. Not to mention songs from the brilliant ‘Destry Erase Improve’!


Slipknot (US)                       Denmark, Roskilde Festival

I was damned pleased when I learned of Slipknot replacing the pretentious David Bowie. One helluva live show.


Santana (US)                       Denmark, Roskilde Festival

An absolute disgrace. Celine Dion is fucking awesome compared to this.

Royal Rooster (NOR)             Bergen, Kvarteret

Local rockers, accompanied by drummer Tarjei of Ralph Myerz fame. A fine opportunity to get wasted.

Johnny Laidback (NOR)         Bergen, Hulen

First time with mates of Johnny Laidback. Rather fun and punkish post-grunge, but still a way to go.

Cannibal Corpse (US)           Bergen, Garage

Extremely brutal, with expert technicians on stage. A great way to spend your mid-week.

Slayer (US)                           Oslo, Spektrum

Finally! The godfathers of thrash payed a visit during the first Unholy alliance. Utter perfection.


Slipknot (US)                      Oslo, Spektrum

Not the same vitality as seen earlier in Denmark, and with a pretty hostile crowd – given Slayer headlining.

Caliban (GER)                   Stavanger, Folken

German metalcore act had it’s fiftheen minutes of fame during this period, without ever being too convincing.

God Forbid (US)               Stavanger, Folken

A more sinister approach to metalcore makes God Forbid far more intriguing. Although we weren’t too many fans at the front, the band seemed fairly interested nonetheless.

Machine Head (US)         Stavanger, Folken

Having recelently buried their horrible flirt with nü metal, the band was back in shape, delivering a powerful performance in a pleasantly small venue.

Sepultura (BRA)             Bergen, Teatergarasjen

So how would the brasilians do without Max? Astonishing well, in fact! The older material still kicked ass, and even much of their newer, hardcore stuff went down excellent.

Motörhead (UK)            Bergen, Teatergarasjen

Headliners Motörhead are the stuff of legends, and they rocked! I made it to the front and never looked back. Not all of their material suited me and Lemmy had a quarrel with the technicians going. But still awesome.

Valentourettes (NOR)    Bergen, Garage

Tributeband, keeping the music and the memory of the late Joachim Nielsen alive and well. A fucking hit parade if I’ve ever heard one!

Bomb Threat (NOR)        Bergen, Cafe Kalmar

Local hip hop-act, a music genre that never fully satisfied my tastes. The only reason I went was because a was in love with a girl.

Rumble in Rhodos (NOR)    Bergen, Hulen

I was attending this event purely for headliners Purified in Blood. But I was shocked to take in the sheer quality of this emotional hardcore. Rising stars!

Purified in Blood (NOR)     Bergen, Hulen

Norway’s premier hardcore band. These straight-edge kids delivered an explosive burst of energy.

Stonegard (NOR)              Bergen, Koengen

One of the finest stoner-metal bands on offer. Great band, but in a way to large setting, supporting Black Sabbath.

Black Sabbath (UK)         Bergen, Koengen

Once again the band reunited with Ozzy for a few stints. Ozzy was all over the place, brimming with energy. The gig went down like their music. Great, but somewhat tedious in the long run.

Turbonegro (NOR)         Bergen, Lost Weekend

I arrived to the last consert of the festival. The rain was pouring down like crazy, but the band delivered the goods.


Fortytwo (NOR)             Bergen, Hulen

Second encounter with the most solid national melodic death band. Exhilarating performance.

Division of Laura Lee (NOR)    Bergen, Kvarteret

Again, blame it on my romantic sacrifices. But the band performed rather well, in spite of their rather boring emo-rock.

Maidenheads (NOR)             Bergen, Hinsides

Fucking excellent tributeband, playing all my old Maiden-faves. The only thing short of jackpot is actually not being Iron Maiden.

Fight the Phoenix (NOR)     Bergen, Hulen

Bland rock, designed to please female students. Not being a horny female student excludes me big time.

Mollygogo (NOR)               Bergen, Hulen

Fresh skapunk that made us dance in front of stage. Given the vocalist actually puking from exhaustion is always a good sign.

The Soul Express Orchestra (NOR)    Bergen, Hulen

The band has yet to release anything, and has taken a longer hiatus. I spell a bright future for this funky reggae-act if they only get their shit together.

Temple Sleep (NOR)      Bergen, Hulen

Promising proggers, mixing Meshuggah, Primus and Tool with their own touch. Challenging and rewarding.

Johnny laidback (NOR)    Bergen, Hulen

More madness and elevated partying. More matured musically as well.

Sepultura (BRA)      Oslo, Rockefeller

With Igor Cavalera taking a permanent break from Sepultura, the appeal also plummeted somewhat. Still, a decent show.

In Flames (SWE)    Oslo, Rockefeller

Absolutely crushing performance. All the great songs and plenty of sing-along. I banged my head into a cloumn, before shaking hands with Andreas Kisser.


Trendkill (NOR)      Bergen, Garage

The world’s greatest Pantera tributeband? That might very well be the case. Members of Lowdown.

Satyricon (NOR)    Bergen, Teatergarasjen

Great facilities, awesome sound. And a world class band. A night to remember.


Haggis (NOR)        Bergen, Garage

The notorious oi-punks (often mistaken for nazi’s) succeeded in firing up the crowd, chanting ‘shit-band’ between songs. The band seems to thrive under such circumstances, especially fighting attendees afterwards. Well, I can’t give a fuck about their image and debauchery – it’s a sort of entertainment to me. But the songs are simply too generic and tedious. A nice cover of ‘Orgasmatron’ though.

The Toy Dolls (UK)    Bergen, Garage

Probably the most sweaty gig I’ve ever been to. Hot and humid, but with a great atmosphere. Punk classics en masse.

Bloodsimple (US)            Oslo, Rockefeller

The remnants of Vision of Disorder deliver an energetic show, which only lacks one thing; great songs.

Stone Sour (US)             Oslo, Rockefeller

Corey Taylor is a master showman, no doubt. He carries the band on his shoulders. The only problem is that the band would be nothing without him. They make for a few cool tunes and a useful show nevertheless.


Alice in Chains (US)     Oslo, Rockefeller

Superior songs, and with a capable replacement for the late Layne Staley. An excellent show, though way too short.


Guns n’ Roses (US)      Oslo, Spektrum

Overall a huge dissappointment. The show went on slowly, with endless breaks between songs. The classics are rock solid, but I certainly question playing new material that still has to be released.

Mollygogo (NOR)        Bergen, Hulen

Not quite as fun as last time around, but still decent.

Destruction (GER)     Bergen, Hole in the Sky

Thrash attack! The genre is made for live debauchery, and Destruction lived up to all expectations.


Satyricon (NOR)       Bergen, Hole in the Sky

Unable to put on a bad show, the band are simply evergreen.


Helheim (NOR)       Bergen, Hulen

A solid performace supporting Entombed. They came across as pretty angry, although this is part of the act.

Entombed (SWE)    Bergen, Hulen

Maybe the best consert I’ve ever attended. And that’s saying something! Brutal death n’ roll for the masses!

Children of Bodom (FIN)    Oslo, Spektrum

With the Unholy Alliance becoming this bloated, it was closing in on Ozzfest. Finnish faves Bodom put on a short show, and frankly, didn’t live up to expectations.


In Flames (SWE)                Oslo, Spektrum

The swedes simply owned the night. They got the laudest cheers and the crowd sang along.


Slayer (US)                       Oslo, Spektrum

The main event got on stage when everyone already was exhausted. They seem to’ve learned from this mistake for the forthcoming UA. They performed solid, of course.


Iron Maiden (UK)             Bergen, Vestlandshallen

Man, was I psyched to see the phenomenon that is Iron Maiden! In an overcrowded venue, I struggled to get as close to the stage as possible, but had to resign at some distance. The band went through their latest effort ‘AMOLAD’, which was cool in the beginning. The problem was enduring the whole album, knowing that they wasted valuable time – time that could’ve been used on undying classics. We got a few at the end, almost as a reward for putting up with their antics.


Backyard Babies (SWE)     Bergen, Garage

After their nuclear performance earlier, I was more than ready for another one. I can approve of the show, but the posh crowd was simply dreadful.

Lastname: Ngyuen (NOR)   Bergen, Kvarteret

Sometimes you feel like you’re wasting your life. This was certainly one of these occasions. Friends or not, this was a horrible bore.

MT Six (NOR)                    Bergen, Kvarteret

The night didn’t improve too much with this synth-based punkband either. I will urge the vocalist to stick to Tarmer in the future.

Eric Singer Project (US)    Bergen, Garage

With ex-members of an array of famous bands like Kiss, we were served solid rock, no doubt. But it took quite a while before the climax ‘Black Diamond’.

In Flames (SWE)              Bergen, Teatergarasjen

Another accomplishment from In Flames – a band like no other. Again, great fun and an awesome live-band.


Johnny Laidback (NOR)  Bergen, Garage

More wholesome fun! Maybe the best I’ve ever seem them.

Mayhem (NOR)              Bergen, Hole in the Sky

Impressive, given that I never totally fell for their records. Also with a twist of comedy from mummy-wrapped frontman Attila Csisar.


Testament (US)            Bergen, Hole in the Sky

This will go down memory lane as one of the greats. Energetic, vital and metal thrashing mad. They even invited the crowd to bang loose at the stage.


Kreator (GER)              Bergen, Hole in the Sky

Another must-see. Mille edging the crowd like a high-priest at the church of pure metal. Also, an excellent selection of anthems to boot.


Immortal (NOR)         Bergen, Hole in the Sky

The comeback! After seven years of absence, the kings of norwegian black metal reclaim the stage. A load of frostbitten tunes and flames. Fire and ice!


Audrey Horne (NOR)     Bergen, Garage

Much hyped local rockers failed to convince me. Their post-grunge rock wasn’t able to hold my attention, and I resorted to alcohol.

Temple Sleep (NOR)     Bergen, Hinsides

Another round of progressive metal worked just fine, and I’m eagerly awaiting their debut.

Johnny Laidback (NOR)   Bergen, Hinsides

With frontman Johnny letting go of the guitar duty himself, I was a little skeptical. But it also included more time for his weird antics on stage, which are of the good.

Panchrysia (BEL)       Bergen, Garage

Underground belgian black metallers, just signed on norwegian label Karisma, drew a very modest crowd. Still, I enjoyed their noise.

Dimension F3H (NOR)     Bergen, Garage

Industrial thrash is a fresh take on the genre, and I was banging loose. Recommended!

Taake (NOR)                    Bergen, Garage

Prime folkish black metal hailing from Bergen. Internationally infamous, but also revered. They pack some really great tunes.

Helheim (NOR)          Bergen, Hinsides

Releaseshow for their brilliant ‘Kaoskult’. The band seemed larger than life this time, with a crafty honed liveshow.

Down (US)                Bergen, Koengen

Sludge-favourites Down, featuring legends from Pantera, COC, Crowbar and Eyehategod did a perfect job supporting Metallica. I’d love to see them at a smaller venue though.


Metallica (US)          Bergen, Koengen

The homecoming. The final stage of perfection. Call it whatever you like, but it rocked like none other. The newest song was off ‘Load’, which suited me very well indeed.


Cephalic Carnage (US)    Bergen, Hole in the Sky

Brutal death metal. Pretty unknown to me, but not without a certain appeal.

3 Inches of Blood (US)  Bergen, Hole in the SKy

The orch-slayers in person, wielding extreme high-pitched vocals. The way to party!

3 Inches of Blood3 Inches of Blood

Exodus (US)                  Bergen, Hole in the Sky

Veteran thrash-titans finally gracing the festival. With a load of my favourite tunes as well. Marvelous!

Hole In The Sky 2008Hole In The Sky 2008

Municipal Waste (US)   Bergen, Hole in the Sky

Completely beer-soaked thrash, and part of the new wave. Energetic liveshow, with blasting, short songs about…beer.

Municipal WasteMunicipal Waste

Behemoth (POL)          Bergen, Hole in the Sky

Always nice with new bands live, especially when they impresses like this! With only brief knowledge of their records, I was taken aback by this. And the cover of ‘I Got Erection’ ruled!

Meshuggah (SWE)      Bergen, Hole in the Sky

This time around, nothing was left to chance. Simply a killer show, and the new material worked like a charm.

Carcass (UK)             Bergen, Hole in the Sky

The gods of gore still lives! As vital as any other band alive, they released a furious flurry of death metal.

Hole In The Sky 2008Hole In The Sky 2008

At the Gates (SWE)    Bergen, Hole in the Sky

I enjoyed this one! It was good to see the band together again, and how can you go wrong with that vault of songs?


Anvil (CAN)                  Bergen, Garage

Metal on metal! It was great seeing this classic thrash outfit. Charisma, comedy and well-crafted metal melting together to one helluva show. Hope they’ll return!

Bjørn Hellfuck (NOR)    Bergen, Hinsides

Porn-rock! It’s always great to see chicks singing along to the most dirty lyrics imaginable. The front member of the band remains an elusive mystery, parading with his duck-ish mask.

Mollygogo (NOR)          Bergen, Hinsides

Always a blast, and this release-concert included several new songs. Good times.

Purified in Blood (NOR)   Bergen, Garage

The Strait Edge-outfit has come together again, and paid bergen a visit. True moshcore, although their debut-EP carried their strongest material. It’s sad to see that their frantic and famous live-act has settled down to the regular metal-routine.

Machine Head (US)        Oslo, Spektrum

This band knows how to stir up a mess! Five individual moshpits going at the same time aint bad, although I had to realize that I’m getting older.


Slipknot (US)                 Oslo, Spektrum

Pretty jampacked, and the band did their job quite well. But alas, some of the energy they packed earlier has vanished.


Opeth (SWE)                  Sogndal, Meieriet

About fucking time. When I learned that the powerhouse proggers were touring Norway, I went for the more intimate, countryside, option. A truly majestic show, although the band seemed somewhat disinterested, due to their trademark lack of communication with the audience – which frankly gets a little dull approaching the two hour mark.

Rammsund (NOR)          Rumble in the Jungle, Blaker

Great Rammstein cover band, translating the lyrics into norwegian. Massive pyroshow as well.

Backstreet Girls (NOR)  Rumble in the Jungle, Blaker

Oslo rock legends made for a good time in the middle of the woods. A set of new and old classics certainly kept my spirits up.

Bjørn Hellfuck (NOR)  Blå, Oslo

Since the last encounter Bjørn has recruited a whole band, all wearing masks. The pornoholics simply kicks ass live!

Gojira (FRA) Telenor Arena, Oslo

Supporting Metallica, with some enjoyable songs. Drowning somewhat in lack of interest and attention, and quite horrible sound.

Fear Factory (US), Telenor Arena, Oslo

I was ecstatic about finally getting the chance to experience Fear Factory, with Dino reemerging on the strings. They kicked off with two tunes off ‘Obsolete’, continuing with three new ones – promoting their latest album ‘Mechanize’. Only to top it all with three killer tracks from ‘Demanufacture’. Great execution, only flawed by crap sound.

Metallica (US), Telenor Arena, Oslo

Always great, with a bunch of classics. Not the best sound I’ve experienced, and Lars is undoubtedly getting older behind his drumkit. When that is said, most of the new material kicked ass, along with tunes ranging from ‘Kill ‘Em All’  to the black album. Luckily, nothing is heard off ‘Load’, ‘Reload’ or ‘St. Anger’.

Hatebreed (US), Koengen, Bergen

My first time with the kings of moshcore, and they did a great job supporting Rammstein. Jamey and his crew come across charismatic and hard-working, making the crowd  loose their calm. A raid of classics, mostly ranging between their last four efforts. Thumbs up for keeping ‘The Rise of Brutality’ alive!

Alice in Chains (US), Koengen, Bergen

Out of place, following the fury of Hatebreed. I still appreciate their introspective hard rock, packed with classic songs and soaring vocals. It certainly sounded good, but I question bringing ballads into this gig. They were underappreciated by an audience starving for metal. William DuVall knows how to carry a tune, but lacks real charisma and interaction between band and crowd suffers greatly. Not strange, as Jerry Cantrell is being praised whenever he decides to speak. A cautious band, doing what’s expected – leaving noone in ecstacy.

Rammstein (GER), Koengen, Bergen

Till Lindemann, the vocalist of Rammstein, isn’t  too fond of chit-chatting or reaching out to his audience. It’s simply straight to the point. With an impressive set decoration, portraying gritty industrialism (or steampunk), and breathtaking pyro – consisting of flames, fireworks, missiles and rockets – the lack of comunication takes a back seat. It’s art and kitsch intertwined. And extremely entertaining. Ranging from oral flame-throwers, incinerated stage crew, an oversized penis bursting foam and a rubberboat surfing the crowd, it’s certainly a marvel to behold. Musically, they went for a hit-parade, including ‘Pussy’, ‘Du Hast’, ‘Benzin’, ‘Sonne’, ‘Feuer Frei’, ‘Du Riechst So Gut’ and so forth. I’m withholding two points due to the set being too short (an hour and a half) – and a load of tunes which didn’t make the cut.

Iron Maiden (UK), Koengen, Bergen

I was quite unnerved by the fact that they would focus on their last three releases; ‘Brave New World’, ‘Dance of Death’ and ‘A Matter of Life And Death’ – as well as the forthcoming ‘The Final Frontier’.  I’d already witnessed a tedious show solely based on ‘AMOLAD’ – and was hoping for a more retro output this time. But no worries – the later material proved worthy enough, especially mixed with the older classics. I actually found the title track ‘Dance of Death’ to be the highlight along with ‘Hallowed be Thy Name’ and ‘Fear of the Dark’. Once again a great night in the medieval castle. Oh, and I stood next to the guys of Nifelheim!


Metallica (US), Valle Hovin, Oslo

By now, it’s become routine – if not an ordeal. Metallica is always a huge spectacle, drawing a crowd of forty thousand this night. Fortunately, the venue is located a mere hundred yards from my workplace, making my presence mandatory. Churning out their trademark songs contrast the unfathomable weakness of latter day output. Rendering recent material from their latest EP resulting in a massive ‘meh‘ from the crowd. Still, if this is your first live encounter with Metallica, it’s bound to be a great experience. Having witnessed the band several times over, it’s clear as day. They’re tired. I’m left wondering whether it’s simply the grind of the ongoing tour or if they’ve lost apetite alltogether. As usual, they deliver the goods, performing the black album in its entirety, lacking only spirit or zeal. All in all a rather uninspired night. Being overly strict, I’d might even label it soulless. Maybe I’ll return for a retirement stint a few years down the road.

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  1. Please elaborate then. Prog, alt, metalcore, techdeath? In my view they’re the forefathers of mathcore.

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