Streetart: Pøbel

I’ve finally gotten around to post some works of my favourite street-artists. This time around, it’s Pøbel of Norway, but there’s more to come.

Pøbel was one of the originators of the norwegian streetart-scene, and has been doing his routine since the start of this decade. And he’s been getting more and more recognition over the last years, and fully deserved, if I may add. He’s been traveling around, leaving his mark for some years now.

Donald Duck, 2003

In collaboration with graffiti artist Anus, 2004

Hard Work, 2004

But his focus has shifted somewhat. Although his pieces can the marveled upon in major cities like Lisbon and London, he’s become more fascinated with the context that surrounds his art. In other words, location and scenery, and how his artwork interact with it – often producing surprising and hilarious results.

Vikings are a recurring theme, 2007

Monsters, 2008


From The Cans Festival, London 2008

He changed his canvas from dense and populated pavements to the frontiers, the abandoned houses and traces of man. In a vintage society slowly corroding amongst the breathtaking landscape. Thus creating a unique fushion between urban and rural impulses. Finally bringing them together, creating new possibilities. Far north, way above the polar circle, Pøbel was developing a new concept. ‘Desolate Decoration’ (Øde Dekor) was the spark that ignited the art festival currently known as ‘Ghetto Spedalsk’.

From Desolate Decoration, 2006

From Ghetto Spedalsk, Lofoten 2008

From Ghetto Spedalsk, Lofoten 2008

From Ghetto Spedalsk, Lofoten 2008


From Ghetto Spedalsk, Lofoten 2008



With a shrewd sense of comedy, surrealism and critisism, Pøbel has carved his own niche, and is rapidly expanding the boundaries of streetart, and in many ways standing beside it, looking in.

Making waves

Some of his artwork is available at Handmadeposters.

Edit: 26.05.11: I Dagbladet

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13 kommentarer om “Streetart: Pøbel

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  2. Dolk var med på prosjektet i Lofoten right? Bra artikkel om en veldig talentfull artist.

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  6. jeg har to «treplater» med donald dukk bildet av Pøbel. Den har jeg tenkt å selge. Noen?

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